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Lucy HG Solomon works in the hybrid world of art, science and technology, making art that examines the relationship between ecosystems and societal systems. She inserts microbiology into human networks with Cesar & Lois, an art collective with Cesar Baio, and is co-founder and artist with the League of Imaginary Scientists. Her work has exhibited globally, including throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America. As associate professor in the Department of Art, Media and Design at California State University San Marcos, she teaches at the intersection of media, data and the environment and directs DaTA Lab, a laboratory for research-based practice in data and transdisciplinary arts.

An internationally exhibiting artist whose subjects range from microbiological landscapes to manmade glaciers, her art layers science with narrative. Creative work by the League of Imaginary Scientists has been anthologized in a book by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, entitled Social Practice at MOCA 2008-2012. The League was commissioned by Sundance to create The Social Cinema Machine (2017). Work by Cesar & Lois has been recognized with a Lumen Prize in Artificial Intelligence (2018) and was shortlisted for the International Competition for ICIA’s Prize in Intermedia Artwork (2018) and the NTU Global Digital Art Prize in Singapore (2019). Lucy HG Solomon is a Global Fulbright Scholar, with a collaborative art & science project that spans microbiological landscapes across the Arctic, Andes and Amazon.

Artistic Affiliations:
Cesar & Lois | The League of Imaginary Scientists

Institutional Affiliation:
California State University, San Marcos
Associate Professor, Department of Art, Media, and Design

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