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Cesar & Lois with Physarum polycephalum

This is a portal to projects by Lucy HG Solomon with others: namely, Cesar & Lois, a collective with Brazilian artist Cesar Baio, and the League of Imaginary Scientists, consisting of five cohorts in imaginary science. Both collectives operate across interdisciplinary lines, with intrepid media and interactions with the living world.

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“The world began with microbes and may end with them. But they won’t be alone. I was fortunate enough to see this work in person recently. It addresses a critical area in AI and the Anthropocene. If we create machines to augment intelligence or perhaps replace it, how will it collaborate with microbial and other metamorphic systems? I also appreciate its layered approach to metaphors approaching literature, poetry, and authorship.”

Jury comments for Degenerative Cultures (Cesar & Lois)
winner of the 2018 Lumen Prize in Artificial Intelligence

“We need to think of human creativity in a new way, so that there is continuity between what bees are doing and what human beings are doing.”

Matthew T. Segall, philosopher